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When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth grade. There was a boy in two of her periods who would ask her out every single day. (Third and seventh period, if I remember correctly.) All day during third and seventh she would repeatedly tell him no. She didn’t beat around the bush, she didn’t lie and say she was taken—she just said no.

One day, in third period, after being rejected several times, he said; “I have a gun in my locker. If you don’t say yes, I am going to shoot you in seventh.”

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:( Damn it. 

Someone buy us/make us hoodies that light up. #cyberpunk #unthinkablecomplexity #wyrdcon feeling #wyrd #wearabletechnology #led #ledhoodie

Dj was on fire tonight. Must remember to book her if we ever get some funds for a rave *whispers sponsor us* #wyrd #wyrdcon #unthinkablecomplexity #cyberpunk #dj #dancing #industrial #electronic #edm