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Thank you to everyone who made it out yesterday! Full Circle is a Love To Feel collaboration with the awesome Sense-Less Mindset. I can’t believe its going to be 7 months since he first presented the idea. It started so small and its grown a lot. Through out the week look forward to art from the event if you didn’t or couldn’t make it. Got there a bit late unfortunately but we still caught some sticker action.

Sticker cats are getting younger and younger! A little girl that was like 7 gave me a pack! And her stickers are AWESOME!

Next time don’t miss out!

Full Circle takes place at Pita Popix Grill & Gallery in Gardena, CA.

Its the FIRST SATURDAY of EVERY MONTH, rain or shine.

You never know what to expect at a Full Circle. If you went, you might have even made it into a Golden Frame Polaroid picture. What didn’t get one? Well you missed out son now didn’t ya?