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QR-Codes and Augmented Reality Tattoos

I know, this falls far short of what people hope for when they hear the words “animated tattoo”, but it’s a start. It shows the dreams that people have for their bodies. It also points out that people are starting to see their bodies as interfaces to the virtual world, which is an important first step for cyberpunk and transhumanist body modification. One day we will surely have animated tattoos in the literal sense, but these QR-code and augmented reality tattoos are an unrelated trend — they are however very interesting for their own merits.

Human body and digital technology are becoming one on further levels.

I’d like this kind of tattoo.

Son of a bitch.

I expressed my desire for one of these almost a year ago but I’m conflicted. Bar/QR codes seem too much like a mark of corporate serfdom, but this just throws me into a tailspin of want all over again. 

OMG. I could see soldiers of the future using this for their last wishes in apocalyptic battles for the entire milky way galaxy. “When you find my body, this will be my last recorded memory intended to be shared with you…” Ahhhhh! I need a budget. Or access to more equipment. I want to produce hollywood quality movies but not for hollywood. 

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