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My name is Brandon Stanton and I’m a photographer in New York City. As many of you already know, several months ago I was approached by the fashion label DKNY, who offered me $15,000 to purchase 300 of my photographs. I politely refused the offer. But earlier this week, one of my fans discovered that DKNY was using my photographs anyway— in Asia. (Full Story:

As atonement for this infringement, I publicly requested that DKNY donate $100,000 in my name to the YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, so that underprivileged children could attend summer camp. DKNY responded on Monday with a $25,000 donation.

Over the next three days, my audience stepped in and raised the full $100,000 themselves. Over 3,000 people chipped in, and raised an astonishing $103,710 in 72 hours. (

I have no interest in vilifying DKNY. It is a company composed of thousands of good people. The founder, Donna Karan, is highly respected around the world for both her creativity and philanthropy. 

But I would appreciate if you would REBLOG this post, and lend your voice to my request that DKNY raise their donation to match the $103,710 that we raised. 

Together, we could create a $208,000 investment in the lives of children in one of New York’s most vital and diverse neighborhoods. Thank you so much.

MATCH THAT DONATION! They spend more on campaigns. Its disgusting what they did. Out right theft caught red handed. Whether it was intentional or not it was a serious action.

If someone did not intentionally slam into my car I still expect them to do the right thing. 

First they scoff at an artist who wants to be properly compensated for his work. Then they steal his photos. Then they only donate $25k and that stupid PR girl makes that insensitive and inappropriate comment that he should have contacted them directly.

Really now? How does someone accidentally use 300 photos!

This is the age of the internet. This is the year of the water snake. Water snake doesn’t play. It separates truth from deception. Do the right thing DKNY! Don’t be an asshole building up walls to protect your deception.

Up until now the majority of people didn’t have a reason to dislike you so just stop while you still can recover the social media damage.

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